Sunday, October 7, 2012

Come listen...

This weekend I sought a renewal I desperately needed after a difficult few months. The words spoken and music shared helped begin to refill my spiritual reservoir. 

Weary Not

If the way be full of trial, weary not;
If it's one of sore denial weary not;
If it now be one of weeping,
There will come a joyous greeting,
When the harvest we are reaping, weary not


Do not weary by the way
Whatever be thy lot
There awaits a brighter day
To all, to all who weary, weary not

If the way be one of sorrow, weary not;
Happier will be the morrow, weary not;
Here we suffer tribulation,
Here we must endure temptation,
But there'll come a great salvation, weary not;

If misfortunes overtake us, weary not;
Jesus will never forsake us, weary not;
He will leave us never, never,
From His love there's naught can sever,
Glory to the Lamb forever, weary not

(“If the Way be Full of Trial, Weary Not,” Deseret Sunday School Songs (1909), no. 158)


  1. Thank you for posting these lyrics!

  2. thanks for posting this with lyrics

  3. thanks for posting this with lyrics

  4. Grateful that I have gotten these lyrics.

  5. Especially grateful this posting is available yet today

  6. I love this song... seems to exemplify Pres. Monson's life....