Sunday, January 30, 2011

Born of Goodly Parents...

41 years ago  - January 30, 1970 - my parents were married in the Logan Temple.  Thanks for everything you do for our family. You continue to sacrifice in so many ways for all of us.  Thanks for giving us all a great start in life. And  thanks for continuing to be there for all of us. We love you! Happy 41st Anniversary!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Survival of Hop-Along...

So... this week was my first official week of being a principal/teacher. I have to admit, it does take some getting used to. Some people tend to talk to you in a different way... and now... you are where "the buck stops" - so to speak. Until now, I had another intern to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with regarding administrative duties, and ultimately - it was the principal's job to make any hard decisions. Now that person is me. It's a lot of responsibility. But, I survived my first week with my sanity (what little there is of it) more or less in place... :-)

On another topic, as I stated before in other posts, I have been having some back issues and went in for an MRI. I hadn't heard back from the doctor by Tuesday, so I called and was told that she hadn't had time to look at the results. I called again on Thursday and was told basically the same thing, with the additional information that she had been out sick most of the week. I think the nurse felt a little sorry about the delay, so she told me a few of the preliminary results, and the winners are: (in no particular order) degenerative discs, a bulging disc, and arthritis.... maybe....
 I've been limping and hobbling along for a while now, and haven't been able to sleep restfully in weeks. It seems like if I'm lucky I get an hour or two of consecutive sleep before waking up again. I feel a bit silly hobbling around, but I'm hanging in there. Today was one of my better days, not nearly as much pain and stiffness. I'm praying that it will last.... at least until after my Praxis.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New beginnings...

Instead of New Year's resolutions, which I hardly ever keep, I thought I'd list a few of my hopes for the coming year...

I hope this year is filled with blessings for all those around me.
I hope that as new things come around the corner I will be courageous enough to go after them.
I hope those who are burdened with illness will be healed.
I hope Peace On Earth, Goodwill Toward Men will truly come to be.
I hope my family member remain close to one another.
I hope my friendships will strengthen and grow.
I hope that I may fulfill the new duties I have been given to the best of my abilities.
I hope I will end the year a better person than I began it.
I hope my family and friends will be granted the gift of good health.
I hope my students will try their best and learn.
I hope I might be a blessing to others, instead of a burden.
I hope I will finish my final two Master's classes with flying colors and that I will pass my Praxis.
I hope that I will live a healthful and healthy life.
I hope I will follow good advice, ignore bad advice, and know the difference between the two.

What a difference a year makes... as I looked back over the last year's entries, back to my first blog entry - one year ago, today - I know I could not have expected a few of the things that transpired during 2010.
Even the weather is different.

Here are two pictures - the first from last year around Christmas, and then one from this year around Christmas... interesting, huh?

December 2009
December 2010

I will end my entry today, the way I began last year...

May your blessings be more numerous than your trials, and may your trials turn out to be blessings in disguise. Happy 2011!