Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crystal Geyser... finally!

I probably should be ashamed to say this - and I am - but, I am starting on my 14th year of living in Green River and I had never been to Crystal Geyser - until today. Thanks to a dear friend who wanted to go for a Sunday drive, and knew I had never been to the geyser, I got to go today.  (I never wanted to go on my own for my first time, because I wasn't sure how to get there and I was worried I'd get lost... ) Now that I know where to go I'll probably try it on my own.... maybe... :-) I just wish the road was better - or that I had a truck... LOL! Unfortunately, it didn't go off while we were there - although we did get a little gurgle...
Anyway... here are a few pictures of my first visit... 14 years late...

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  1. YEA! You made it out there. It is a beautiful place. Where are the pictures of you there? Maybe you just stole the pictures of a website- lol ;)Just kidding.