Wednesday, June 22, 2011

...and the floods came up...

Just thought I'd share a few photos of our namesake - the Green River. Needless to say, it's been a bit dicey for those along the river and the old river bed.

 Notice the lightpost and the fence, not to mention the plant life that is barely visible.

The view across to the other back of the river. When the river is low, you can see a huge sandbar in the middle with trees and plants.

Notice the huge tree against one of the bridge supports. The next time I saw this view there was probably double that amount of debris against that support and almost as much by the other support I could see. Then I watched an entire tree float under the bridge! Wild stuff!

This is where the water was at on the steps behind a restaurant on the banks of the river. There are usually a couple more steps visible. When the river is at it's lowest, you have to walk a little bit beyond the steps to get to the river's edge. Not so, here.
View from the other side of the bridge. This is a support that is about 5 feet away from a walkway below the bridge that leads from one side of the road to the other. You can see that the water is not far from where I was standing. Trust me - that is unusual!

On the other hand... it made for a spectacular sunset!


  1. When I was there I couldn't believe just how raging the water was. I most certainly wouldn't want to try any rafting this time during the year - that is one thing for certain!

    I love the sunset photo.

  2. It's amazing, isn't it? What's even more striking is to compare how it looks in Spring (especially one like this year) and in the Fall and early Winter. I'll have to remember to take some pictures this Fall to compare.

    I thought the sunset turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. LOL

    I was lucky I caught it. I snapped that picture and then my camera battery died and I didn't have any more with me.