Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Life Through My Lens - Not forgotten...

On Saturday I had the chance to attend The Forgotten Carols with some very good friends.

For those who are unfamiliar with the story I'll share the general idea behind the Carols. The premise, according to the show's creator, was to think of the Christmas story from the perspective of those who may have missed out on the wondrous event. People like the innkeeper who turned the Holy Family away, a sleeping shepherd who missed the herald angels, an angel who could not sing in the heavenly choir, and so on. What are their carols?

While there are powerful messages in many of the "forgotten" carols there are a couple that never cease to move me. I Cannot Find My Way is one of them. This song puts into words the feelings that so many of us have felt at one time or another, perhaps may still be feeling. With so many different choices and voices, how can we know which is the right one? On stage there is powerful imagery as one by one the choir stands and faces different directions as if they truly are lost and trying to "find their way..." until the entire choir is standing and pleading, "Lord, help us find our way back home..." 

It also got me to wondering what my carol would be?

Toward the end of the performance, after the actors have left the stage and we are left with the creator of The Forgotten Carols, Michael McLean, who sits down at a piano and simply starts playing Together, Forever a song that reminds us that though we may be far from those we love through distance or hardship or even death, there is hope of seeing them once again - someday.  What better time to remind us than at Christmas, when He who passed below all things was born.

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