Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

I will admit that anything with a hint of patriotism creates within me tender feelings. My eyes fill with tears and my heart pounds when I hear the National Anthem, and any number of songs about America. I stand when I see a flag, and find my heart full when I see a soldier serving to uphold my freedoms.  You might wonder why I'm rambling on patriotism today - I  mean  - it's not the July 4th or anything. But today is a special day. Today is President's Day. Named to honor the births of two honorable, yet human men whose birthday's fall during the month of February. Neither one was a perfect man and both had flaws, as we all do. Yet, the more I learn about the strengths and weaknesses of these men the more I admire them for all that they accomplished despite their blunders and mistakes.  I truly see the hand of "divine providence" in the creation of this country. How else could a country started by a revolution against a vastly superior world power and torn apart nearly a century later by a civil war have survived? Given the differing personalities and opinions of those who founded, then later re-united this country it is amazing that it ever succeeded.  Only the guiding hand of an all knowing, ever powerful yet loving God could have helped this country succeed and thrive. My wish on this day is that we never turn away from the Father who loved us so much he gave us the freedom to choose liberty or death knowing that some of us would never make it back Home. May we all do our part to keep this nation free - a nation "under God" by our words and our deeds. So, Happy Birthday George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. And thank you.....

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