Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day - May 31, 2010

 I've always been a sucker for anything patriotic, and Memorial Day is no exception. I tear up when I hear the "Star Spangled Banner" or see a flag in a parade surrounded by veterans who so honorably carry her. My heart hurts when I hear of the death of a soldier or hear the report of an injury. And I wonder -would I be able to do what they are doing if put in the same situation? I'd like to think so, but I am not sure. It takes a lot of courage to be away from loved ones for an extended length of time and it is even harder when you are heading in to harms way with no guarantee of return. When I think of all of the negative things that are said about our country and the men and women who protect her I sometimes want to say, "Fine then, you don't appreciate our help, let's bring our troops home from wherever they are around the world. Next time you ask for our help, we'll say... no thanks, not this time, we don't go where we are not welcome or appreciated." But, then America would not be what it is if not for the help that we give to others and so we say instead, "We're sorry that you don't like or appreciate us, but that won't keep us from helping and protecting you, because that's what we do. That's who we are." So, thank you to all those serving now and in the past. Thank you to all who have given the last, great measure of devotion. I honor you. Thank you to veterans young and old, and to the families of those who have and continue to serve. It is your sacrifice as well as your loved one's. Thank you for giving up time with those you love so that all of us, wherever we may be can be free. While we are not now perfect, nor have we ever been perfect as a country, we have a collective heart for peace, goodwill, and honor. May we all live up to the potential we have so that we can be that "shining city on a hill." May God continue to bless this land of freedom and opportunity. And may we be worthy and help it to remain so.

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