Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Survival of Hop-Along...

So... this week was my first official week of being a principal/teacher. I have to admit, it does take some getting used to. Some people tend to talk to you in a different way... and now... you are where "the buck stops" - so to speak. Until now, I had another intern to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with regarding administrative duties, and ultimately - it was the principal's job to make any hard decisions. Now that person is me. It's a lot of responsibility. But, I survived my first week with my sanity (what little there is of it) more or less in place... :-)

On another topic, as I stated before in other posts, I have been having some back issues and went in for an MRI. I hadn't heard back from the doctor by Tuesday, so I called and was told that she hadn't had time to look at the results. I called again on Thursday and was told basically the same thing, with the additional information that she had been out sick most of the week. I think the nurse felt a little sorry about the delay, so she told me a few of the preliminary results, and the winners are: (in no particular order) degenerative discs, a bulging disc, and arthritis.... maybe....
 I've been limping and hobbling along for a while now, and haven't been able to sleep restfully in weeks. It seems like if I'm lucky I get an hour or two of consecutive sleep before waking up again. I feel a bit silly hobbling around, but I'm hanging in there. Today was one of my better days, not nearly as much pain and stiffness. I'm praying that it will last.... at least until after my Praxis.

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