Monday, August 15, 2011

A sense of school...

The smell of new crayons filling the autumn air
The sound of crisp, clean pages turning 
The pointed touch of sharpened lead
The sight of polished floors and painted doors
The flavor of an apple, gifted
All signaling a new beginning


  1. I am trying to get into 'school mode' but so far...just not feeling it.

    I love your wording though, Mindy.

  2. Can't imagine why, given your busy summer... LOL (You've kind of been in 'school mode' all along...)

    I'm not so sure I'm feeling it all that much myself, guess this was my attempt at trying to psych myself up and get excited for the coming year.

    Thanks for your kind words. Given your flair for the literary, it's high praise, indeed. :-)

  3. Wonderful poem, Mindy. I suppose it's get time for my little one to head back to school. He's becoming a little restless, and can't wait to meet new friends. There's isn't much for us to do over here at the moment, with the intense heat and a month long religious celebration. It certainly makes doing anything outside the home difficult.