Friday, August 5, 2011

Ups and downs...

As I pondered what I wanted to write about in this post, the lyrics to a song I first heard several years ago came to mind.
The world turns 'round like a Ferris wheel
Some times you're low and sometimes you're high
But even way down you can never forget
The thrill you feel when you're touchin' the sky

(Lex de Azevedo / Carol Lynn Pearson)

I thought of how true that really is. What do they say? The only thing constant is change? Getting ready for this new school year has me thinking about some of the lows and highs of years past and contemplating the certainty of new highs and lows of this coming year. I guess the key is to keep the memory of the sky touching "thrill" when I'm feeling the lowest. 

And that reminds me... I haven't been on a Ferris Wheel in ages... maybe I need to find one and go soaring...

1 comment:

  1. Love that allegory!

    The view from the top - makes you feel so small - but there's nothing like it! :)