Sunday, October 2, 2011

Autumn moments...

On my way through Spanish Fork canyon last weekend autumn colors were beginning to appear.
Here is a sampling of what I saw.

Late Autumn
by William Allingham

 October - and the skies are cool and gray 
O'er stubbles emptied of their latest sheaf,

Bare meadow, and the slowly falling leaf. 
The dignity of woods in rich decay 

Accords full well with this majestic grief 
That clothes our solemn purple hills to-day, 

Whose afternoon is hush'd, and wintry brief 
Only a robin sings from any spray. 

And night sends up her pale cold moon, and spills 
White mist around the hollows of the hills,

Phantoms of firth or lake; the peasant sees 
His cot and stockyard, with the homestead trees, 

Islanded; but no foolish terror thrills
His perfect harvesting; he sleeps at ease.

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