Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life Through My Lens - Moonrise over the Book Cliffs...

Moonrise over the Book Cliffs
As I drove home from school today this is what I saw.
(Sadly, it looked much more impressive in person....)

As I was posting this, I got to thinking about a few of the other photos I've posted recently, like those here , here , here, and here. Some I am satisfied with - others leave much to be desired. I suppose there is a little of the perfectionist in me that wants every photo I take to be a masterpiece, even though I know that is impossible.

On another note...
This week is Principal Appreciation week. Here is a sweet gift from the Kindergarten class and their teacher. The flowers are from her garden. I thought it was very kind of them. And I loved the flowers. (My office smells wonderful right now because of the flowers' wonderful fragrance.)

(If you look at the envelope closely, you'll see one of the names my students call me because if you say Miss Durrant quickly... that's EXACTLY how it sounds... ) :-)

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