Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Every month I, with the help of my faculty, choose a book for me to read to our student body. These generally are books that we try to link with positive character attributes that we want to encourage our students to develop.

On this Valentine's Day our book was Heartprints, by P.K. Hallinan.

The book describes a variety of ways to leave a "heart-print" including sharing a smile, lending a helping hand, providing a listening ear, and so on. The repeated refrain throughout the book as each act of kindness is described is - How many heart-prints will YOU leave today?

After I was finished reading the book to the students I encouraged each of them to spend some time in the next few days leaving "heart-prints"on the people around them. Each student was given a heart to write something kind they did for someone else, or something kind that someone else did for them. I plan on placing the hearts throughout the school to remind us how to treat others. (I got the idea from a friend who did something similar with his class - though he had his students do it anonymously. Maybe we'll try that next year... :-) )

Hopefully, it will make a difference. 

So, I'll finish my blog by posing to you the same question.

How many heart-prints did YOU leave today?

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