Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inspiration...Perspiration...or Desperation....???

The phone rang this afternoon and I glanced at the caller id as I answered it. When I saw who it was I stifled a groan, for there on the screen was the name of my Bishop. Now, you know there is something up, when you see that name on your phone. The conversation went something like this.

Me: Hello.

Bishop: Hello Sister D... could I visit with you for a moment or two?

Me: (sighing) Sure, Bishop. (Somehow I knew EXACTLY where this was leading....)

Bishop(hemming and hawing a little) Well, you see... now... this is kind of an emergency situation, and I didn't get the chance to catch you before you left the church... then again, I really didn't have a moment to try to catch you anyway....Still... I know that you've held this position before...  but... well... we're in a desperate situation... there aren't many people who play the piano any more, there are only five in the ward... and... well... I know you work with kids all the time, but... maybe since it wouldn't really be one on one... and don't you work mostly with parents now, anyway? (I'm thinking to myself... do you even KNOW what my job is? NO, I don't just work with parents!)  So... umm... would you be willing to play the piano in Primary again?

Me: Well, how can I say no in the face of such arguments?

Bishop: Well, you see... Sister A. can't do it because...., Sister B. can't do it because...., Sister C. can't do it because.... and Sister E. can't do it because.... So, well, you can see where that kind of leads us... (So good to know I was your last choice...) I mean there was inspiration in this call... but there was also...

Me: Desperation?

Bishop: Oh, No! No! No!... I was going to say perspiration... we've been sweating bullets about whether you would accept this call... So will you?

Me: (another sigh) Yes, Bishop. I'll accept the call. When will it need to start?

Bishop: (breathing an audible sigh of relief) Umm.... well... they've been without a piano player for 2 weeks, so it would need to be next week.... You know, Sister.... I think you'll really be blessed for this....

Me: Yes, well, we can hope, can't we?

Bishop: Thank you so much, Sister D.... Good-bye.

Me: You're welcome, Bishop (sigh) ... Goodbye.

So I am back in the ranks of the Primary again... oh blessed day.... sigh...

Now, don't get me wrong. Primary is a good place, and wonderful things are done and taught there much of the time. But, sometimes you need to not see some of the little dears 6 days a week! Oh well, I'm sure there's a reason, probably a chance for me to learn even more patience... but still....


  1. Apparently...LOL... I thought only Catholics believed in Purgatory.... *grimace*