Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life Through My Lens - Clinging...

Yesterday I went with some friends to the "beach" not too far from town. As I walked among the boulder strewn shore watching and listening to the water careening over rocks on its relentless journey downstream, I glanced down and captured this.

I thought to myself how tenacious this plant was, growing - thriving even - in this seemingly hostile area. On the surface it would appear a nearly impossible place to grow, and yet it is green and growing even when all about it is turning brown and decaying. It's ability to flourish in the midst of adverse conditions impressed me.

Then I thought about myself. If I were this plant, would I cling to the banks high above the shore because it is familiar or because it is where I am supposed to be? Am I meant to remain where I am or do I need to be like the plant, willing to set my roots in a different place regardless of how different or new? Maybe someday I'll know the answer. For right now though, I'm clinging...

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