Saturday, September 22, 2012

Move on...

There comes a time when we all must move on... 

From a place...
a project...
a job...
a relationship...
a moment...
a feeling...

That doesn't necessarily mean that all the things from which we are moving on were wrong, or a mistake at the time we started them. Perchance it simply means we've grown or changed beyond where we need those things or maybe the fact is that they've moved on and now it is our turn to do the same.

Perhaps what we need to move on from is the past. Maybe we are clinging to it for fear of losing memories, moments that will not come again.

Maybe what we need to move on from is sorrow. Perhaps we feel it is a betrayal of those for whom we grieve if we begin to find joy again in small moments. And yet it is not. They would want us to move on. Perhaps in this instance we need to remember that moving on does not mean forgetting, it simply means taking a part of the person we have lost with us in our hearts while going forward.

It might be that we need to move past anger - at ourselves, a neighbor, a family member, a friend, a colleague, even a stranger. Though it isn't easy we need to remember that it does us no good to cling to that anger for in the end it hurts us more than anyone else.

Perhaps what we need to move past is fear. Fear of failure... Fear of rejection... Fear of disappointing or letting down those who depend on us... Fear of the unknown...

Does all of this mean that we'll never come back to those



There are times and seasons in all of our lives and sometimes things which we had to move beyond at one time come again and the timing or moment is better, is right for it. We simply have to watch and wait and keep trying to go forward in the meantime.

Is it easy? No. Will it ultimately be worth it? I believe that it will, but I have no guarantee. It's easy to spout platitudes in a post like this and so much harder to "walk the talk" in reality. But, that doesn't mean it isn't worth trying... at least that is my hope...

I hope that all of us will find the courage to move on from those things that we need to, to move forward toward whatever is out there that is best for us, whatever our situation may be.

"Just keep moving on
Anything you do
Let it come from you
Then it will be new."

Move on...

Stop worrying where you're going-
Move on
If you can know where you're going
You've gone
Just keep moving on

I chose, and my world was shaken-
So what?
The choice may have been mistaken,
The choosing was not
You have to move on

Look at what you want,
Not at where you are,
Not at what you'll be-
Look at all the things you've done for me
Opened up my eyes,
Taught me how to see,
Notice every tree-
Understand the light-
Concentrate on now-

Move on
Move on

Stop worrying if your vision
Is new
Let others make that decision-
They usually do

You keep moving on

Look at what you've done,
Then at what you want,
Not at where you are,
Where you'll be
Look at all the things
You gave to me
Let me give to you
Something in return
I would be so pleased...

And the color of your hair.
And the way it catches light
And the care
And the feeling
And the life

Moving on

We've always belonged
We will always belong

Just keep moving on

Anything you do
Let it come from you
Then it will be new
Give us more to see...


  1. Oh Mindy! I loved this and SO needed it this morning. Thank you!

  2. M - You're very welcome. I'm glad that it helped.

    C - Thank you.