Sunday, November 4, 2012

A little bite of heaven...

Several months ago a good friend mentioned that there was a magical place in a land northward where bite-sized morsels of heaven resided. My friend even attempted to recreate - quite successfully I'm told - these tiny bits of yumminess. 

A few weeks ago another friend mentioned this mythical spot again. After two such glowing recommendations, how could I not seek out these tempting treats?

 I stopped by this haven of deliciousness to try the magical morsels and was not disappointed.
They were in the words of my friend -

Being the giver that I am...(lol)... 
I brought a few home to share....
They were a hit.

Thanks J and G for introducing me to these dainty delights.


  1. Totally worth it! TASTY does NOT even come close to describing these yummy little bits!
    Thanks for sharing-

  2. I never hesitate to recommend these! Glad you loved them, too!