Sunday, November 11, 2012

All in the family...

This is the time of year when family seems to come to the forefront of our thoughts. Oh... it's not that we don't think about our families any other time of the year or that we don't love and care for them all year round. But it seems as the holiday season arrives we think more about those people with whom we share that special bond. We strive to give thanks to all those we love and care for.

Sometimes, however it seems that the moments that should bring the most joy and happiness can instead bring unintended feelings of hurt or misunderstanding. We are human after all and therefore fallible. Sometimes we make choices with the best of intentions that may unwittingly cause others to feel left out or less important to us.

Perhaps one of the most important things to remember is that family is not about a date on a calendar or a fancy meal. It's not about being perfectly in agreement all of the time. Family is about loving and caring even when we may not fully understand the reasons for others actions. It is about feeling gratitude for both "roots" and "wings."

I know that I am grateful for all of my family... for our strengths and our weaknesses... for our successes and failures. I am grateful that the journey we are on is not one we take alone. I hope that all of us remember to show a little more kindness and understanding to those we love, both those with whom we share an actual family bond and those who may not technically be family but who hold a place in our hearts nonetheless.

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